Yoga Wall Art

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What is Yoga Wall Art?

hand shaped art lotus third eye chakra

There are various techniques to applying yoga art to your wall, including mounted wooden pieces, mandala stickers, tapestries, dreamcatchers and macrame wall hangings. These all fall under yoga wall art because each piece represents a piece of the yoga world, whether it be an om sign as a reference to the Buddha, or the chakras for our internal energy system we open during practice. Yoga wall art is a big part of yoga decorations in our home and can go a long way to allow your space to feel like a true zen haven of bliss.

Where To Buy Yoga Wall Art:

Now we know what yoga wall art consists of, where is best to find them? Online of course! We’ve handpicked an array of yoga wall decor from our two trusty sites: Etsy and Amazon.

We find most of our yoga art on these two sites as they provide a balance of differences. Where Etsy is more art-focused, Amazon can be more educational. Depending on the sort of yoga wall art you’re looking for, we’ve covered it!


An online selling platform featuring unique art from all over the world.


  • You are able to support international artists


  • You will have a unique yoga wall decor on your walls that no one else will have seen before
  • You are more likely to find something you REALLY like as the work is top quality
lotus flower wall art stencil pattern


  • Your art might take a while to reach you depending on the country you buy from
  • As the art is original, the cost can be higher than something made in bulk
  • Refund and return policies can vary, depending on the terms of the sale
inhale exhale yoga wall art sticker


A multi-million dollar online selling platform that sells anything from clothes, to cameras, to… yoga art!


  • With so much variety, you have a lot of yoga wall art to choose from in any price range
  • Amazon has a range of delivery options, including same day!
  • If there are any problems, you are guaranteed a refund and their return policy is also very fair


  • You are not guaranteed an original piece of art
  • You won’t personally deal with the artist, which can be a shame when investing in something long term
  • The quality of the art prints may not be as high as independent artists work

Which Spaces Are Best For Yoga Wall Decor?

For specific yoga wall art, we believe it is best for it to be placed in a calm place, most likely your bedroom. Walking into your room after a hard day’s work and being greeted with a beautiful mandala is almost guaranteed to help you feel peace.


You’ll often hear the word “Shala” in relation to home and yoga, and we thought we’d share a little more insight with you. Shala is a Sanskrit word that typically means house or home, however, it can apply to buildings used in relation to yoga, such as a studio. The word is often connected to Ashtanga yoga.

mandala bedroom art wall pattern

So, if you’re looking to decorate your shala – in this context, a yoga studio, then it’s imperative you have some inspiring yoga wall art on your walls. Aside from your bedroom or your shala, you could also consider decorating other areas of your home such as the bathroom or even your main living space. Depending on how much you’d like to ‘yogify’ your shala, is entirely up to you. We say go for it!

The Best Yoga Wall Art Online:

colourful yoga wall decor

Chakra Wall Art

When it comes to yoga, it’s almost as though the chakras will always find their way into the mix, too! No surprise either, they are incredibly important to every yogi’s practice, and life in general.

Chakra wall art is another great way to gently remind yourself of these powerful little portals of energy that every sentient being carries within them. We talk about them a little more here.

chakras art hanging on the wall
seven chakras symbols stickers

What’s great about the big, wide world of yoga wall art is that there are just so many different things to choose from. Whether you want a wooden hanging of the chakras in their traditional alignment, or you want to go for something more playful, the internet has got you covered.

Take these chakra wall art stickers from Amazon, there a more conventional and fun approach to spiritual practice, and can, therefore, be a more diverse type of yoga wall art in the placement within your home.

Handmade Yoga Wall Art

Another reason you may want to go for an alternative type of yoga wall art as opposed to poster or prints is that they can often feel more tangible. Sometimes a poster can be too generic, and a poster too ‘Instagrammy’. With a different yoga wall decor, such as macrame or dream catcher, you have something handmade and unique. You can guarantee that any hand woven piece of yoga wall art has its own unique design (even though others may be very similar) and each will have its only little personality.

boho decor handmade dreamcatcher to hang on the wall

This dream catcher with the OM symbol at the centre of it is a truly special little find. The OM is reminiscent of the sounds of the universe, celebrates unity and oneness, and is all-encompassing. In Hindu culture, it is utterly sacred and is said that the sound has the ability to energise us through our chakras to connect with the divine. If you’re working on your own mindfulness, we believe having an OM symbol around may just be that little bit of guidance you need.


We are so happy to be able to share these wonderful yoga art options with you and hope they’ve inspired you to fill your home with all this spiritual goodness! Thanks for stopping by.


Love & light humans,

Yoginka x