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triple yoga print lotus flower sanscrit letter buddha in lotus flower pose meditation

What are Yoga Prints?

So, you’re into yoga, you’ve got a space that needs decorating and Pinterest just isn’t giving you what you need. That’s okay, we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the internet to find the best yoga prints the cyber world has to offer, and we are going to tell you all about them below…

 First things first, what is a yoga print? Kind of how it sounds, except that these prints can have anything from yoga poses to yoga quotes, and almost anything in between! They are of a much higher quality than yoga posters and they create a piece of wall art for your space. As they are usually inexpensive, we believe these are the best prints suited to any budget for every yogi.

Where To Buy Yoga Art Prints:

We mentioned we’d been doing some research, right? Well, we managed to whittle it down to two of our favourite sites! Etsy and Amazon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these sites, here’s the lowdown:

namaste quote yoga greeting


A creative online platform featuring and selling unique art (and artists!) from all over the world.


  • You are able to support international artists
  • You will have a unique yoga art print on your walls that no one else will have seen before
  • You are more likely to find something you REALLY like as the art is top quality


  • Your art might take a while to reach you depending on the country you buy from
  • As the art is original, the cost can be higher than something made in bulk
  • Refund and return policies can vary, depending on the terms of the sale
triple art prints yoga symbols


A multi-million dollar online selling platform that sells anything from clothes, to cameras, to… yoga art prints!


  • With so much variety, you have a lot of art prints to choose from in any price range
  • Amazon has a range of delivery options, including same day!
  • If there are any problems, you are guaranteed a refund and their return policy is also very fair


  • You are not guaranteed an original piece of art
  • You won’t personally deal with the artist, which can be a shame when investing in something long term
  • The quality of the art prints may not be as high as independent artists work

    Aside from these two sites, there are obviously many more to choose from, however, these are where we’ve found the best yoga art prints on the market!

What Can Yoga Prints Be Applied On?

Okay, now we know what a yoga art print is, and where can buy one, let’s see what they look like! AND what different things yoga prints can be applied onto…

Now, of course, we have the classic yoga art print. But did you know you can find them on cups, yoga mats, clothes and even coasters! With yoga and mindfulness becoming part of the mainstream, we have access to more and more yoga-related art… In so many forms! 

lotus cat black linear cup pattern

We’re not sure we need to mention it, but you may be asking yourself, why would I want a yoga print? It’s obvious, isn’t it? You love yoga, you love art, and the two really just go hand in hand. Despite this, have a soft little reminder to get on your mat every morning doesn’t go amiss either! We know it helps us, so why not give it a go!