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What are Yoga Posters?

Good question. What are yoga posters? Though it sounds pretty obvious, there is actually a difference between yoga posters and yoga prints (AND yoga art!)… Believe it or not. A yoga poster is a freestanding print created virtually, as opposed to directly onto a canvas or other material. 

This allows yogis to decorate their homes with yoga inspired art, at an inch of the cost of artisanal prints. Yes, all three fall into yoga related art, however, they are separated in price and of course, quality. 

Though yoga posters are definitely the cheapest end of the budget, this does not mean you’re not able to find some unique and beautiful ones around!

Where To Buy Yoga Posters:

Now we know what differentiates a poster from a print, where can we find them? Online of course! We’ve handpicked a bunch of yoga posters from our two trusty sites: Etsy and Amazon. We find most of our yoga art on these two sites as they provide a balance of differences. 

Where Etsy is more art-focused, Amazon can be more educational. Depending on the sort of yoga poster you’re looking for, we’ve covered it!



  • You are able to support international artists
  • You will have a unique yoga poster on your walls that no one else will have seen before
  • You are more likely to find something you REALLY like as the work is top quality


  • Your art might take a while to reach you depending on the country you buy from
  • As the art is original, the cost can be higher than something made in bulk
  • Refund and return policies can vary, depending on the terms of the sale


A multi-million dollar online selling platform that sells anything from clothes, to cameras, to… yoga posters!


  • With so much variety, you have a lot of yoga posters to choose from in any price range
  • Amazon has a range of delivery options, including same day!
  • If there are any problems, you are guaranteed a refund and their return policy is also very fair


  • You are not guaranteed an original piece of art
  • You won’t personally deal with the artist, which can be a shame when investing in something long term
  • The quality of the art prints may not be as high as independent artists work

Where Can Yoga Posters Be Placed?

Once you’ve decided on the kind of yoga poster you’re going for, you get to decide the fun part – where to place it! Depending on your home space (or office for that matter), think about where you spend most of your time.

Do you practice yoga at home? If so, consider putting your yoga print within that space so you can ensure its positive impact will greet you regularly.

Do you spend a lot of time in your bedroom? Hang a yoga poster opposite your bed – there’s nothing wrong with a gentle nudge to get up and practice now and then, hey!

However, if you spend a lot of time out of the house and in the office, opt for a smaller poster you can keep on your desk in a little frame. We promise it will inspire you and keep you focused on your yogi path.

The Best Yoga Posters Online:

Okay, so you’ve compared yoga posters and yoga prints, and right now, the budget is swinging towards a yoga poster or two. How do you decide what kind of yoga poster you’d like?

Well, we’ve done that thinking for you!

When browsing the millions of yoga posters the worldwide web has to offer, we whittled it down to these four categories…

Best Yoga Posture Posters:

We believe that whatever kind of yoga poster you get, a yoga posture poster is an almost guaranteed way to inspire your yogi lifestyle.

Having a poster of yoga poses on your wall is a truly positive way to softly remind you to get on your mat, and work on your flow. 

Take this example below here:

Upon looking at it, we can see seven poses we are all familiar with, and without too much hesitation, could happily get down to practice.

The watercolour effect of this yoga print has a calming presence and promotes the idea of positive wellbeing. Such a simple yet impactful little poster indeed!

If you’re more of a logical thinker and prefer to follow more guidance in your practice, have a look at this Ashtanga Yoga posture poster. It contains an entire primary series for you to follow, pose by pose. With its colour codes and clear instructions, this may suit a more pedantic yogi looking for a little more structure.

Best Yoga Quote Posters:

Now we’re on the topic of motivation, we thought a couple of yoga quote posters shouldn’t go a miss! What is more inspiring than a beautiful yoga poster with a quote? Not much.
Here at, we really appreciate the value of art and yoga, and these posters encompass the two perfectly. Take this print from Etsy here:

It hosts a variety of visual aids including a golden mandala, a Sukhasana silhouette and some inspiring words. A pretty perfect balance in one poster if you ask us! Now, this one from Amazon also hosts a silhouette/quote combination, however with its minimalist vibe, it is perhaps better suited to a more formal space as it has the ability to blend in nicely.

Best Yoga Chakra Posters:

Ah, chakras. 

We are sure that amongst your yogi journey, these little things have made an appearance in either conversation or visuals, and we’re here to talk about them a little more! The chakra system is effectively an energy network with different channels that are all connected. 

You’ve seen a yoga picture with the seven coloured circles down the centre of the human body, right? 

Those are our chakras. 

Our very own spiritual nervous system that if focused on properly, can aid us in understanding ourselves and the movement of this life energy.

You’ll often hear yoga instructors mention opening up different chakras, depending on the practice you’re doing, and that is the easiest way to look at them. Each chakra represents a different part of our nervous system, and opening them up fully takes focus and energy, as does any spiritual practice, including yoga. 

Meditation is another way to open up and it has been believed by many that in order to live your fullest life, all seven of your chakras must be accessible.

So, with this in mind, having a reminder of your chakras at home can only be a good thing!

We’ve found a couple of  them here from Etsy and Amazon respectively that we’ve found to be helpful in gaining our own spiritual insights.

Best Yoga Posters For A Gift:

Last but not least, what if you’d like to gift someone you love with a yoga poster? Yup, we thought of that too! Whether your friend has just recently gotten into yoga and needs a little nudge in the right direction or your partner is a deeply rooted yogi from another dimension, there are many options for gifting your yogi-loved ones.

This one is from Etsy, and each poster is unique. We feel they make great little pieces of art, and are sure any friend or family member would be lucky to have one!

If you think they would enjoy something a little more modern, take a look at this triptych from Amazon. As we know through the occasional blessing that is social media, typography and clean plant prints are in full swing currently, and this could well be a nice introduction for that friend who REALLY needs to have a date or two with their mat!

Whichever yoga poster is for you (or that friend!), we’d love to hear what you find. There is a whole world of yoga posters out there, and we hope we’ve helped you on the beginning of your yoga art journey.

Love & light humans,

Yoginka x