21 Unique Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lover

What are the best gifts for yoga lovers? Do you want to surprise a yogi friend with special gifts yet you wish to escape the mainstream yoga mat or pair of stretchy pants? Running out of yoga gift ideas for your yogi bestie on their birthday?

Worry no more. Yoga gifts ideas should be creative yet not over the top. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Not only you get to send good vibes, but actually send great gifts! Who doesn’t love gifts? Just like any other gifts, choosing gifts for yogis can be challenging yet fun!

Yoga Gifts for Her

Although many yoga items are unisex nowadays, certain items for Her are not to miss when you have got a yoga girlfriend. Call it yoga gift baskets or a Victoria secret yoga mat or Victoria’s Secret PINK Ultimate Yoga Legging, she would definitely love them.

You are all set, among our yoga gifts ideas for her, quickly pick one and let her feel your love. What are we thinking? We should celebrate Valentine’s day every single day!

Love is in the air.

pink yoga mat perfect gift for yoga girlfriend

Yoga Gifts for Him

Do you feel like having more yogi gift ideas? Your boyfriend is so much into meditation. As a good girlfriend, you want to pick the best meditation gifts for him. Choosing the right yoga gifts for men specifically meditation gifts for men can be a little tricky at times, read some of our recommendations below and grab them now.

Yoga Gifts for Mom

It’s time of the year when every loving child celebrates the unconditional love of Mom everywhere at every corner of the planet: Mother’s Day. It’s so happen that you have a super cool mom who loves yoga things. She is your Mom, you want the best for her. Best yoga accessories or other yoga related gifts might just be the answer. Below you will also find gift bag ideas for women’s retreat.

Think of Seamless Yoga Leggings for her. Mesh parts will provide air flow during hot yoga class, as well as they look groovy.

hot yoga present leggings

Yoga Gifts for Holidays

We couldn’t agree more. Christmas is THE holiday of the year. How does yogis Christmas feel like? Our guess: much merrier, especially when showered with yoga Christmas gifts.

How about a yoga Christmas card as Christmas gifts for yoga lovers? Even better: A yoga gift card so they can buy some yoga gifts Amazon. A little hint for your inspiration: we have a selection of yoga arts to create refreshing vibe for Christmas themed yoga class. Scouting yoga themed gifts for other occasions? Stay tuned and browse more of our products.

Now that we have discussed about who is worth your love, go ahead and explore our top notch choice of best yoga gifts that will make every yogi impressed with your thoughtful touch. Take it as your ultimate yoga gift guide.

1. Singing Bowl

We know what you are thinking. The answer is No. It is not some kind of magic bowl that sings on its own. This exquisite craft has been used for years in temples. Nowadays, you might experience sound healing using this bowl too.

A good singing bowl is definitely handmade and it has got soothing pitch (Not super high disturbing pitch). Did you know that the resonance can help ease stomach pain and other digestive problems? The good one is relatively not typical cheap yoga stuff. Take a look at a couple of our best picks below, perfect gifts for yoga instructors.

We can’t skip one of these terrific yogi gifts ideas. What we love about this handmade bowl is the resonance it creates. Its ambient long lasting sound lingers in the air, providing you with soothing sensation leading to deep relaxation. It comes with Mallet, Silk Cushion & Silk Bag

Black Singing Bowl, Chakra Set, hand-crafted in Nepal

Are you wondering what to pick in terms of Beginner yoga kit? When 1 bowl is not quite cutting it, try 7 bowls with mallets and cushions included. Suede mallet for deeper healing sound can also be provided free of charge!

You have got to love this yoga gift sets. Each bowl has an imprinted chakra. What could be better than having a super edgy set of bowls that could heal you too, right? Stay present and share the moments by giving best yoga presents for yoga lovers out there.

Singing Bowl Meditation Kit


Meditate using a bowl? Yes, super recommended for everyone to do daily especially when you are always in stressful environment. How about a full set of meditation kit?

You will receive this extremely affordable yoga gift basket complete with 1 Brass Singing Bowl (Height 7cm, Width 12cm, Depth 12cm approx), a wooden mallet, Mala beads and a Meditation Candle.

This kit is perfect as gifts for yoga teachers or gifts for yoga lovers. Did you just hum Om? We could totally feel the vibration. Let’s chant Gayathri mantra together.

2. Essential oil

Who doesn’t like some good therapeutic smell? We know we likey. Or perhaps to simply smell good? Essential oil helps to moisturize and rejuvenates your skin, at the same time giving a healing purpose. Consider it a favor we have made it easier for you to choose. Below are the top 3 among our favorite essential oils, best selection of yoga gifts.

Yogi Dreams Essential Oil Blend


We are as surprised as you are. Lavender is known to kick out mosquitoes but blended with vetiver and pure coconut oil, it works wonder for soothing massage or giving such grounding effect bringing you to full blissfulness. Yogi Dreams are the ultimate yogi gifts.

Way Of Will Unwind Essential Oil Set, aromatherapy blends to go

Way Of Will Unwind Essential Oil Set

You can’t miss out on this superb deal : 4 different fragrant in 1 set. We personally love the glass roll on and it’s vegan too! Mini portable set ready to go. You can rub it on your temples during meditation or on your neck when you feel under the weather.

The highlight among the essence is definitely the Frankincense. This marvelous commodity has been long traded as precious gold in the past. Mixed with sweet orange, you would get earthy and relaxing citrus fragrant right out of the roll.

oils for yogis

Yogi Bundle / Essential Oil Blends / Immunity Essential Oil / Yoga Oil Blend / Relaxing Oil / Rejuvenating Oil / Energy Oil / Hormone Oil

Gaiam Essential Oil 4 pack

Release your anxiety. Try out this yoga gift set of calming and spiritual oil made especially for you. Say no to over thinking and over wondering no more.

Perfect blend of essential oils and lavender, tea tree, sweet orange and peppermint will leave you in peace. Yoga inspired gifts like this one is all you need. Fantastic gift for yoga teacher or gifts for yoga students.

immunity relax oils

3. Happy Drum

Everyone deserves to be happy, right? Including your yogi friends.  Happy drum, happy yogi! This fantastic gift literally resonates (no pun intended) your love for your yogi bestie. Check out our best choices below to add on your favorite yogi gift basket.

10″ INCHE Aum () Happy Drum with Rubber Musical Mallet


Believe it or not this artwork is made by an award winning Indian musician. Play the instrument freely because there is no right or wrong notes. The chill vibe sound will help you de-stress after a long day at work: good yoga gifts for a yogi birthday, don’t you think?

Moukey Mini Tongue Drum


Specially handcrafted by artisans, this drum produces a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. Perfect for mind healing and meditation or even music education. Yogi men and yogini would drool over this. Just another great choice of yoga lovers gifts.

yoga drum

HAPI HDTINIAMN Tongue Drum 6.5”


Need Hapi for a happy drum, you bet. Get a hapi to feel happy now. FREE padded travel bag is included. Could this be THE yoga lover gifts?

What’s unique about this particular hapi drum is the right amount of alloy mixture elements in order to produce the best sound possible! Add this to one of your gift ideas for yoga teacher. Perhaps mix and match with a hippie t-shirt for a joyful hippie gift basket.

drum for yogis

4. Yoga Art

Feeling artistic much while surfing gifts for yoga people? Or your yoga friend could use some yoga art decorations around their yoga shala. We love these artworks, super chic look for home yoga room ideas.

We hope they contribute to gift ideas for yoga instructor, too. We guarantee they’d make great yoga gifts. You can add them to a yoga gift box.

By Being Yourself Inspirational Wall Art Quotes


The product name says it all. We just love the simplicity of lotus position with inspirational quote written all over it. The color choice does not hurt either.

You can add some final touches, too. Bring the wall art to an artist who might help to paint it on a yoga mat and tada! You have got yourself an inspirational yoga mat. Check out our next pick of cool yoga gifts.

For more yoga wall art ideas check our shop

Retro Ganesha Peony Botanical Flowers Yoga poster


Ganesha is known to be the source of knowledge. This mandala could open up your mind and assist to absorb information quickly. Details on this poster is exquisite: we are talking about the stunning bird sitting on ganesha’s lap.

This would be a great addition to your meditation gift ideas. After all, the gift of yoga is all about giving back, right? Y’all feel us?

If you want to check more yoga posters, make sure to check our shop.

unique yoga art gift

Inhale Exhale 8×10 Inch Pair of Art Prints


Best yogi needs the best gift. We fall in love the first time we saw this print. This is it, the best gifts for yogis.

Let’s talk about some breath work here. Believe it or not we human might just forget how to breathe if it isn’t an involuntary process. Given the circumstances, controlling our breathing in order to actually achieve proper breathing is a necessity.

The power of breathing cleanses us. This artwork can’t be far from the best reminder you must have. Ok, you can stop holding your breath now. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Reeeeelaaaaxx…

Don’t forget to check more yoga prints in our shop.

5. Hippie Yoga Clothes

Yoga is also about caring for the environment. Pick super stylish yet timeless and long lasting designs of hippy yoga clothes. Embrace yourself for our cool yoga stuff, colorful yoga presents to the special ones.

UNISEX Yoga Tank Top, Yoga Top Yoga Shirt, Hiking Camping Shirt, Yoga Clothes, Zen Hippie Clothes, Boho Shirt


Be careful, hot yoga gifts on the way. It’s bohemian as much as hippie. Hippy yoga clothes are very much in demand now. Why should we have gender limitation when it comes to clothing? Here you go, vegan unisex tee, sweet gifts for yoga enthusiasts.

Yoga shirt – Hey Sunshie Black – Positive vibes, Spiritual clothes, vibe, good vibes, trendy graphic tee, hippie boho clothes


Best gifts for yoga teachers, this tee is printed with eco friendly inks and very resistant to washing. It has got an amazing feel to it and it’s semi transparent. If you are looking for hot yoga accessories to complete the look, keep reading because coming up next : bags.

yoga gift tee tshirt

6. Bags

Here we list down the best gifts for yoga enthusiasts: Bags.

Yoga Dude Bag / Mens Yoga Mat Bag


Guys always want to stay cool. Cool yoga accessories like this bag will hush away the shyness of your loved ones to tag along with you joining one of those hot yoga sessions.

Mens yoga bags or any mens yoga accessories, really, may be difficult to find. But lucky you, you have us!

gift for him

VEGAN Yoga Mat Duffle Bag


This lightweight environmentally friendly bag is handmade in Poland. It’s vegan and minimalistic, just the way we like it.

How do you like our selections above? We hope it sparks gift ideas for yoga lovers, your lovers.