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Yoga Art

Yoga Gifts

Looking for the most unique gifts for yogis? How to make your friend / siblings / bae the most happy person on their special day? Read our guide and choose the perfect gift using tips of passionate yogis!


Yoga Prints

Yoga creates happiness in life.
I decided to transform the happiness I get from yoga into art. I share with you my yoga prints. Hang them on the wall in your bedroom or in a yoga studio.

Yoga Posters

Yoga practice inspires. Creative flow very often happens when the artist relaxes his mind. That's what allows us to make yoga posters which will fulfill your space with passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

When a yogi expresses himself through art, it’s like the earth was singing​

Art About Yoga

How distinctive are both of these words? Surprisingly, not much. When we talk about broad definition of Yoga, everybody has their own interpretation and ways to appreciate it, just like Art.

Yoga is mindfulness and for others, some sorts of creative take on contortionism. There is no right or wrong answer.

Yoga is Artistic and Art itself is everything beautiful. Safe to say Yoga is a beautiful practice. Appreciating Yoga means practicing something beautiful. Appreciating something beautiful is an art and appreciating art relaxes you, makes you feel good. Hence, the same feeling when you practice Asanas.

Yoga has a lot to do with harnessing energy. Similar things tend to be indescribable by words until and unless one is to experience them.

…..There is Art in Yoga and There is a place for Yoga in Art….

Yoga itself is an art in its own right. The art of breath work, the art of cleansing and detoxification, the art of flexibility and strength, the art of self love, the art of respect towards others and environment, the art of peacefulness, the art of giving, the art of learning, the art of tolerance, the art of non judgment, the art of letting go and non attachment, the art of gratitude and the list is endless.

In Yoga, the art of visualization takes a big part. Also known as Yoga Nidra. It is a technique to stimulate and retrain positive thoughts into productive non harmful actions towards one’s goals. There are ways to begin, one of which is by meditation with guidance of Mandala.

How do common mandalas today come about? It was told that gurus in old times were enlightened by certain images when they worked on different type of focus. For example, Ganesha is a symbol of knowledge which means, if you want to embrace yourself as a learner, mandala of ganesha will assist towards your journey.

Yoga art like mandala provides visual to train our concentration and could lead to self hypnosis effect. Along with mantra, mandala refocuses energy and positive vibes around yoga space.

What is Yoga Art and How is it Created?

Yoga Art is a perfect addition to decorations for your yoga shala or studio. Having them as self reminder and motivation or deliver them as gifts to your yogi and yogini friends would be a fantastic idea.

Artists have long been exposed to indie and tribal sense of designs. We are inspired to pour in creative works into Yoga Art, not just as an addition to the long list of beautiful things but because it’s cleansing.

The power of spreading love and peace in the midst of chaotic world full of negativity is just satisfying. When you feel empowered, others might too. Be inspiring when you want to be more inspired.

Have you ever felt that there is more to life? That everyone is born with a unique talent? That creativity is endless and it creates opportunities vice versa?

Yoga art for me (I am sure for many others too) is a form of therapy. Yoga heals. It induces soothing feeling, sparks joy and abundance of happiness. When many suffer from depression or anxiety; Yoga, Art and Yoga Art are among alternative medicines if you will.

We all have heard of taking care of your body inside out. When you feel good inside, you glow on the outside. Be beautiful, be you. Love yourself more and more love would come to you.

Wall Art

Every single yoga wall art designs you find here would fit really well for shala wall papers or hand painted. Various unique options could spark fresh look in your studio. Positive vibes only, please!


Your source of inspiration is limitless. When Yoga and Art are in touch, we call it “yogart” (read: not yogurt) although both are good for your health! Pick up your favorite creative yoga prints from our collections.


It’s time to move on from those celebrity pinups on your bedroom’s wall. Switch them to motivational yoga posters. Only the best selection of yoga posters, delicately handpicked by our team: Just for you


Are you into Minimalism, too? No kidding! We share the same vibes after all. Minimalistic is big on playing it simple yet stylish. Vintage, rustic yet modern and timelessly classic are the go to themes now. Artsy space makes you feel homey. Minimal is far from plain. Are you with us? Browse and spice up your space.


You are not alone. We heard it too. And we are a 100% pro Art therapy. Therapies like coloring, drawing and paintings are very much sought-after these days. Healing methods can come in many different ways and Art is the mother palette.

Appreciating art is a skill. An artist is called an artist for a reason. Superb paintings were painted. Not by painters, but artists. How do we appreciate them? Get an original painting, of course. Oh, we have a couple of highlights for you. Happy days!

Yoga Mat Art

Plain Yoga Mat no more, get inspired by chakras imprinted on your mat. Personalized mat boosts your training mood. We are here to support you! Reach your personal yoga goals.

Chakra Wall Art

Understanding each chakra will assist you to focus on techniques and
suitable yoga practices to open up and release blockages. Ergo, having
chakra art is more than aesthetic value but also for educative purposes.

Research has proven that colorful visual helps us to absorb more
information quickly with long lasting effect. Informative and useful
plus easy on the eyes, what’s not to like?

yoga girl wall artwork

Yoga Art as a gift

Give more to get more. Karma is not always (sorry) a bitch. The best karma is that of which bring you joy. We are on your side. The art of giving and receiving makes the world become more loving and peaceful place to live in. Keep spreading love and put a smile on people’s faces! Give them the most unique yoga gifts straight from the bottom of your heart.

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton